Cardboard Edge Protectors

SKU: ITI0159

Cardboard edge protectors stabilise, protect and reinforce pallet loads during transit and storage.

Can be used as added protection of loads under stretch films and/or strapping on the pallet vertically or horizontally, or as a complete all round protection.

Edge protectors can be shortened and used as internal reinforcements of cartons.

100% Recyclable

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ITI0159 60mm 60mm 4mm 1000mm White 25 2100
ITI0160 60mm 60mm 4mm 1170mm White 25 2100
ITI0162 60mm 60mm 4mm 1800mm White 25 2100
ITI0163 60mm 60mm 4mm 2100mm White 25 2100



SKU ST_1510

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