Facial Tissue Everyday 2 Ply 100 Sheet

Soft, Gentle And Non-Irritating

SKU: WFT0001

FSC® Compliant For Certified Fiber Content

Premium Quality And Softness

Sold And Priced Per Carton Of 32 Packs

CODE:  WFT0001
VEORA Everyday Facial Tissue 2-Ply



Material:                                  FSC® Mix
SheetSize:                     190mmx100mm
Sheets / Pack:                                    100
Pack / Carton:                                      48




'FSC Mix' or 'Mixed Sources' means products manufactured with a combination of FSC-certified virgin fibre (from FSC-certified forests), controlled sources and/or recycled wood or fibre.
FSC controlled wood standards require that the following sources of wood to be excluded in the product.
  • Illegally harvested wood
  • Wood harvested that violates traditional and civil right
  • Wood harvested in forests with high conservation values (areas particularly worthy of protection)
  • Wood harvested from areas where genetically modified trees are planted

As a consumer, you can be assured that 'FSC Mix' products are 100% compliant with standards that ensure responsible practices are maintained throughout.



Brand Veora
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