Impulse Foot Sealers 400mm to 600mm With Cutter


Impulse foot sealer with cutter has an obstruction free throat allowing the use of roll-dispensed material to pack and seal

Can be adjusted to a 45 degree angle making it perfect for sealing liquids, powders, etc.

Foot Sealer will consistently provide an excellent air and water tight seals on most plastic materials up to 150 um thick.

Sold and priced per unit.

Select Seal Width
Select Sealer Size
 Product Code
 Max Seal Length
 Seal Width
Max Seal Thickness
Heat Timer
 PEQ450FC 450mm (18") 2mm 2 x 150um 0.3 - 2.0sec 600w 25.0kg
 PEQ600FC 600mm (24") 2mm 2 x 150um 0.3 - 2.0sec 840w 26.5Kg










SKU EQ_1340

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