Poly Woven Strapping

Lightweight, Safe and Re-usable

SKU: ISB1310

A safe alternate to steel strapping with only a fraction of the weight

Easily hand applied using Woven strapping tensioner and buckles

No sharp edges to harm personnel or products

Excellent resistance to UV degradation and most chemicals

Retains its tension for extended time periods while it can also be retensioned if the load is reduced in size

Will not rust, stain or scratch treated surfaces

High capacity to absorb shocks

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Sold and priced per roll

Select Size
 Product Code
Type Length (M)
Break Load
  ISB1310  16mm 1 Blue Line 1000 350kg
  ISB1320  19mm  1 Blue Line 850 590kg
  ISB1330  19mm 1 Red Line 800 840kg
  ISB1340 19mm 2 Red Lines 500 1100kg










SKU ST_1305
Brand Ibex Strapping

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