Polyester (PET) Strapping

Alternative to Steel Strapping

SKU: ISB1267

Safer and more economical alternative to steel strapping most often used to secure heavy loads.

Stronger than polypropylene strapping which makes it ideal for heavy duty applications such as securing bricks, timber, textiles etc..

Weather resistant, capable of withstanding high levels of rain, wind and ultraviolet and is longer lasting than Polypropylene.

One of the major reasons why customers choose Polyester strapping is due to safety reasons. When Polyester strapping is cut under tension it will not ping back as steel strapping does, therefore, reducing the chances of injury.

Serrated seals recommended for use with Polyester strapping.

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 Product Code  Description Colour Core  ID Roll Length Break Load
 ISB1267  16mm x 0.90mm - Embossed Green 406mm        1100m         520kg
 ISB1287  19mm x 1.00mm - Embossed Green 406mm         800m         710kg










SKU ST_1205
Brand Ibex Strapping

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