Fully-Auto Pallet Wrapping Machine - 2000F


The 2000F is a fully automatic pallet wrapper that requires no operator interaction to fully wrap a pallet.

The 2000F enables forklift operators to set pallets onto the turntable and push a button on the wireless remote to begin wrapping.

Film cutter and clamp cuts the stretch film and holds the film at the end of its wrapping cycle.

The film wiper presses the film against the pallet load once the film is cut.

Powered pre-stretch carriage that guarantees you'll get the most out of your machine grade stretch wrap. Each and every roll is stretched to 200% of its original length,

Price on application

Power Supply: 240V Single Phase or 415v 3 Phase
Speed of Turntable: 0-10rpm Adjustable
LLDPE Film, internal core diameter 75mm
width<=500mm, out diameter<=280mm
Film Carriage: Photoelectric switch controls its height
Pre-Strech Unit: Transducer controls film tension strength (Pre-Stretch Unit)
Diameter of Turntable: 1650mm
Mast Height: 2700mm max.  Pallet Height: 2300mm
Pallet Weight: Capacity:  2000kg
Machine Size: L: 2550mm x W: 1500mm x H: 2800mm
Machine Weight: 800 Kg
Working Noise: <75DB
PLC Omron:LCD Standard
PDE Stretch 200 %
Condition Humdity <98%, Temperature 10o - 40o











Brand YGen8
Unit Of Measure ea

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