Clear Poly Bags Heavy Duty

75 micron LDPE bags for medium to heavy duty use

SKU: PPL750406

Produced from high quality 75 micron LDPE plastic, these clear bags come with extra strength and are the ideal choice for general packaging, warehouse, retail and industrial applications.

Simply seal with heat sealer, bag neck sealer or ties

Sold and priced per carton.

Select Bag Size
Product Code
Size (Inch)
Ctn Qty
PPL750406 100mm 150mm 4 x 6 75um 1000 Clear
PPL750609 150mm 230mm 9 x 6 75um 1000 Clear
PPL750812 205mm 305mm 8 x 12 75um 1000 Clear
PPL750713 180mm 330mm 7 x 13 75um 1000 Clear
PPL751015 255mm 380mm 10 x 15 75um 1000 Clear
PPL751218 305mm 455mm 12 x 18 75um 1000 Clear
PPL751220 305mm 510mm 12 x 20 75um 500 Clear
PPL751222 305mm 560mm 12 x 22 75um 500 Clear
PPL751424 355mm 610mm 14 x 24 75um 500 Clear
PPL751828 455mm 710mm 18 x 28 75um 300 Clear















SKU PB_1615

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